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Our goal at Long Island Pekin is to make sure we offer a comfortable environment while providing consistent high caliber food. With todays high cost restaurant landscape, there are ways to cut cost and transfer those savings to the customers. You'll see the little nuances in the space such as mismatched silverware, no table cloths, minimal decor, etc...One of the subtle thing we keep in mind for a better dining experience. 

You may have noticed that we aren't open for lunch seatings on the weekdays. Thats because we reserve this time for you, yes YOU. We realized that Babylon Village is missing some much needed event space. Therefore, we took the slow hours of the day and completely stripped it away for anyone to rent out the restaurant at a subsidized cost.


Our minimal decor also serves another purpose, giving you the power to make it your own. We can host anything from small business meetings, team building gatherings, graduation parties, engagement parties, baby showers, large birthdays, etc.

We have many food and service options to start curating your experience. For more information on how this all works, please DM on Instagram


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