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Hey everyone! Welcome to Long Island Pekin. No no we didn’t forget the “g” at the end of “Pekin”. A little-known fact among duck connoisseurs, the Long Island Duckling is one of the best breeds in the world for making Peking Duck. So…in our research, we discovered a coincidence that the breed of duck is actually called Pekin and therefore, Long Island Pekin was born, celebrating the breed we so proudly serve at our restaurant and the pride we have living on Long Island! 


Peking Duck and Dumplings are something that we have professionally worked with for over 2 decades. One of our partners is the founder of a famed restaurant in NYC rated as one of the best Peking Ducks in NYC (ask, and we’ll tell you). Each item has been meticulously picked from our different establishments to create a fully specialized menu, while staying true to both contemporary and Chinese traditions. 


Seeing an opportunity to bring the food we love to a town that has such beloved restaurants is not only an honor, but also a way for us to impart a different yet very specific culture.

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